No makeup

As I mentioned previously, I love makeup. I’m a firm believer that makeup has no gender and can be super fun, but I wanted to address the importance of recognising true natural beauty and appreciating it in women, as well as accepting it in professional environments.

Natural beauty is not a little foundation and some mascara, but skin texture, acne scars, under eye bags or wrinkles. We need to stop pretending people wake up looking fresh, radiant and hydrated everyday, with lash extensions perfectly combed and a beauty filter on.

I have no problem with adding products and steps to one’s routine to feel put together, the same way I understand people choosing to dress in a way they like, because it’s a choice you make on how you want to present yourself to the world, but I want to bring awareness to the expectations put on how we look (particularly women) and the unfair discrimination we are subject to because the definition of professional or put together is very different for men than women.

Not wearing makeup is as professional as wearing it, and putting it on should be a personal choice based on our desire to express ourselves through our appearance 🙂