Beautiful People

Guest Artists


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Date and location <3


The Beautiful People Exhibition was an art exhibition that took place on April 2022 at Brú House Fairview.

The bar is located right in front of lovely Fairview park, and has a bus stop right next to it where the 15, 27, 130, H1, H2, H3, 42, 43, 6 and 14 buses!

It is also a lovely 10 minutes walk from Clontarf DART station.

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Pantone Prints


The Beautiful People Porject inspired a series of prints that were on sale at the exhibition and are currently on sale at the website.

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Below are two of my favourite prints available, 9044 and Coral Haze. I have these framed in my living room in the original A6 size and everytime I look at them I tear up a little remembering this beautiful project :´)



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