In 2022 I finally went for it and started doing art markets, my first one was in September, which helped me prepare for the very busy Christmas Season.

It was great meeting lovely customers and gaining more retail experience by displaying and selling my art physically, but the best thing about markets was getting to work some of my favorite creators, as well as meeting some other incredible artists, whose creativity and determination was truly inspiring.

Here are some pictures and notes from all the 2022 markets, looking forward to many more this 2023!

p.s: for updated information on when the next market will be, check my Instagram bio 🙂

Artfully Market 1 – Lucky’s

My first ever market! Crazy to look back at the little things displayed, this was before I sold tote bags, t shirts or most of my stickers.

DCAF – Richmond Barracks

Second market and it was a big one! I sold my first few tote bags and I remember feeling over the moon that someone would be wearing my design on the streets. That table cover was a no no tho.

Artfully Market 2 – Lucky’s

Second time at Artfully and already a lot of progress. Got a discarded piece of fabric and used it as a tablecloth (sustainable queen) It was also the first market where I sold the Irish Cancer Society Fundraiser totes 🙂

Artfully Market 3 – Lucky’s

Artfully has such a special place in my heart, it’s such an approachable market where there is always new amazing creators. This market was a last minute decision, and as usual it was a great experience.

The Bernard Shaw

The Bernard Shaw was… bittersweet. It was my first time selling t-shirts, which was super exciting, but it was pretty quiet business-wise. It was my first hiccups selling physically, but if there’s one thing I’ve learnt while running my own business is that resilience is your most valuable asset, so I didn’t get too discouraged, kept plowing through it and the season ended great!

Camden Bites and Brews

Second hiccups, and right after the first one! Lovely venue, lovely people, just bad weather and luck. Kept a positive mindset and met some of my favorite creators, so definitely a win 🙂

Quirk Market – Outhouse

Probably my favorite market so far; everybody involved, from organizers to customers were extremely kind, loving and friendly. I left with a full heart after getting to talk about my coloring book and non-binary characters.

The Useless Project – Workman’s

Introduced my lino printed second hand t shirts which luckily were a success, it had taken me weeks to finish them and I was extremely proud of them. The market was fantastic and I met more creators I looked up to, wonderful experience.

Xmas Flea Market – The Grand Social

Finished off the year with this wonderful evening market at a lovely Dublin venue. It was the most vibrant one by far, it was busy, people were incredibly fashionable and I really enjoyed my time there. Unfortunately 5 minutes before leaving someone spilled a Guinness and damaged a few original artworks and prints, but hey, shit happens!