Wide noses

I LOVE wide noses. I think they’re a gorgeous feature and believe they deserve better representation and recognition.
While some features typically natural to black people have gained popularity in the past few years (let’s not get started on black-fishing and praising things previously used to ridicule minorities bc they’re trendy now), wide noses are still often deemed as “imperfect” or ugly.

Watch a makeup tutorial and you will be shown how to slim your nose or make it look upturned; petite noses are considered more feminine, while wider and bigger noses “make you look masculine”. This ridiculous comparison is one black women are subject to on a regular basis, simply because their features don’t conform Eurocentric beauty standards. Not only are these comparisons used to demean (particularly) poc women, but they have been also used to justify discrimination and racism (see “Building the Myth of Black inferiority”).

The objective of this project is not only to make people feel beautiful through constant exposure to their beautiful features, but also to bring light into the way beauty is weaponised to oppress certain individuals, in most cases poc.