Thin Lips

There is so many different lip shapes and sizes. You can get filler on your lips, overline them, apply lip plumping glosses, etc.

Lately I have noticed bigger lips becoming a trend in western culture, and living in Ireland I am very used to seeing people get lip fillers. While there’s nothing wrong with putting time, effort and money into changing your appearance, I’ve noticed that this new obsession for plump voluminous lips has resulted in an insecurity for many.

I find this very interesting because of the testimonies shared by poc of being mocked for their big lips at a young age, and because of the upsetting representations once done of poc (particularly black people) in cartoons or the media where big lips were ridiculed.

I won’t be talking about black fishing and other ways in which white people have taken things from poc they previously used to ridicule or discriminate against them today, but I would like to address the ridiculously fast changing beauty standards we are subject to, without forgetting the oppression people with naturally big lips have been subject to in the past.

Big plump lips are and have always been gorgeous, and thin lips are beautiful too 🙂