I love makeup. I do my makeup quite often, I enjoy doing graphic designs and experimenting with eyeliner mostly.

Because I was assigned female at birth, I have never been stopped from experimenting with makeup, which is a privilege some people don’t have and I’m extremely grateful for.

I won’t get into the pressure put onto women to wear makeup in order to look “presentable” (I will another day tho :)), but I would like to briefly talk about how men are pushed away from enjoying the beautiful art that makeup can be.

Playing with makeup shouldn’t have anything to do with gender or sexuality but with one’s artistic expression. I personally find it fun to spend hours drawing on my face, and I’ve experienced situations where little kids would ask me to do their makeup because they found it fun and their parents pushed them away from it.

Even more alarmingly, I am lucky enough to be close with men who enjoy doing their makeup and unfortunately I have heard “I don’t feel safe going out like this” too many times.

Makeup is fun and for everyone, and this beautiful person looks great with theirs 🙂