Double Chins

As a fat person, I have a double chin, although you don’t have to be fat to have a double chin, and not every fat person has one either!

I’m not going to get into the depths of fatphobia and the undeniable lack of positive representation of fat people (particularly women), but I would like to talk about double chins.

It’s one of those things that so many people have, yet we refuse to acknowledge or represent them.

@dianinaxl was one of the first people I saw embracing her double chin. She films a lot of makeup and skincare product videos and everytime she put product on her beautiful double chin she said “hydrated double chin, happy double chin”. This might sound stupid, but seeing a big woman embrace and be confident in her own body had a massive impact on my self love.

It was in my teen years that I discovered her channel, and having a reference of a successful hardworking beautiful woman who didn’t let people’s prejudices stop her from putting herself out there really helped me.

Double chins are beautiful, and I’m here to represent them too ❤️