Curly Hair

I haven’t seen much curly hair in art or the media.
Growing up, I hated my curls. My gorgeous sister has a stunning Afro, and she was told it was “bad”, “messy” and “ugly” hair.

On procreate, hair brushes only do straight hair, and in art class we were taught how to draw straight hair, perhaps wavy, but that was it.

Curly hair is not messy, or lazy, or ugly.
Curly hair is amazing and stunning.

You don’t have to straighten your hair to look presentable, and you don’t have to follow that 25 step curly hair routine everyday if you don’t feel like it to look beautiful.

After drawing curly hair in many of my characters, I started to like it more!
Exposure to my hair texture in works I considered beautiful had a massive impact on my perception of it, and I’m hoping this project will have the same effect on others 🙂