Hair grows in the weirdest spots, on all genders.

I always thought that cis women didn’t naturally grow beards, apart from a few random hairs, but I recently learned that some cis women do grow them!

After looking into it a bit more, I noticed that most women who have a beard either shave, wax or get it laser removed, which might be the reason why I didn’t know it was even a thing. It kinda reminded me of when men think women can’t grow moustaches, or when a friend was surprised that I had a few chest hairs.

I remember being ashamed of them growing up because, although some of the people I knew grew chest hair too, they removed it and pretended it was never a thing, making me feel strange and different.

My point here is: hair is natural and has no gender and shaming people for it is not cool anymore (i mean it never was but srsly stop)