All my characters are non-binary, and they were before I event knew what non-binary meant.

I started making my characters at 15, 7 years ago, and I was always intrigued by the concept of gender. My characters would display both feminine and masculine features, boobs and male genitals, facial hair and makeup, that sort of combinations.

I’ve been lucky enough to grow up in a very open-minded environment, meeting amazing people who also didn’t conform with gender roles and looked past one’s sexual or gender identity.

For this project I wanted to draw what non-binary looks like to me, sometimes feminine, sometimes masculine, sometimes both. I feel like there’s a massive misconception of what nb “should” look like, and that’s a perfect androgyny that most nb people don’t feel represented by and sometimes don’t even crave!
As a person who’s had their share of gender identity issues, not having a reference of what nb people could look like made everything a lot harder and more confusing.

Non-binary doesn’t always present as androgyny or a bearded person with makeup on, sometimes nb identities present feminine, with curly pink hair and colorful makeup on, or more traditionally masculine with a big moustache and a short haircut. Also, before you make assumptions of someone’s gender based on their appearance please remember that many people cant express themselves freely and comments about the way they present can be very hurtful.

All you should really care about is how good of a person you have in front of you, not what’s in between their legs or what you think they should look like.

I’d love to hear from nb beautiful people via dm or in the comment section. My texts are based on my personal experience and perception, and I would never want to offend anyone ❤️ I can always learn from other people’s input!