Afro Hair

Growing up in Spain, I didn’t see much representation of Afro hair.

Our dad is Afro-Latino, and he passed his curls onto us, mostly to my beautiful sister.

Afro hair was and still is in many Latin countries referred to as “bad hair”, and it is considered messy and ugly.

I remember long hair washing days, detangling and braiding my little sister’s hair.

I also remember in school people making comments, giving their uneducated “advice” on her hair

On tv all we saw was beautiful women with long straight hair, wavy at most.
We had no idea how to care for her hair, how to style it, and she felt like the odd one out.

The most shocking part of it is that we lived in an area with a very large Latino population, and my little sister was not the only one with her her texture. Still, she was discriminated against not just by her peers, but also by grown ass teachers.

Afro hair is professional, Afro hair is beautiful and afro hair deserves more representation in the media and arts.